Loan - Private Debt

Private debt requirements

If you are in the process of reviewing your strategy with a view to investing in a new production line, a working capital or property requirement, one or more external acquisitions or new projects, we can assist you with your development in order to obtain private debt, with or without an equity investment from one or more investors (LBO, MBO, OBO, ...)

Working Capital

To support business activity and growth

Real Estate

Head office, industrial, residential...

External Growth

Acquiring competitors, diversifying activities

Projects per industries

3 to 10 M€

IT, Education, Construction, Green Energies...

10 to 50 M€

Medical, Real Estate, Chemical...

50 to +200 M€

Infrastructure, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical..

Projects in progess

We have the ability to provide one or combine more investors in order to obtain a loan. 

Exemple Level 1


  • Term : various

Exemple Level 2

  65 M€

  • Terms : various

Exemple Level 3

  125 M€

  • Terms : various

Before you ever asked for

Investment or capital